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Comic-Con 2009 – Cosplay + Avatar = SWAG-TASTIC!

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I just got back from comic-con and my inner nerd is exhausted. It was a great 4 day trip filled with movies, toys, video games, costumes, and of course, comics. This was the first comic-con that I’ve ever attended so I was pretty excited. I’m sure I could write 10 page blog on just the details of everything I’ve seen. Instead I’m going to give a quick synopsis on the key things I went through or saw.

The people
I’ve been to a lot of conventions before. My job sometimes requires me to attend all types of gatherings. Never before have I seen one of this magnitude. The estimated attendance was over 150,000 . Luckily I bought the 4 day pass which allowed me an addition preview night before the rest of horde arrived.

I walked the exhibition hall, well as far as I could in that given time, and took notes on all the venues I wanted to see once everything was in full swing. It turned out to be a great idea because the next day would turn out to be maddening.

The costumes
This had to be one of my favorite parts. Some of the ideas that these people came up with we’re incredible. Practically all of the costumes were hand made, which only made them that much more impressive. Every character from fantasy, sci-fi, video game and comic book lore was duly represented.IMG_0867
Not all the costumes we’re fantastic. There were a few costume-wearers that should have hung their head in shame. I honestly think that there’s should be ground rules to the dress up game. Certain limits must be observed in order for the viewing masses to avoid uncontrollable laughter or induced vomiting. Among these restrictions  age and weight should absolutely be limited. For example… I saw a 70 year old woman dressed as Wonder Woman. I’m sure some of you may think that it’s cute, but let me assure you, there’s nothing sexy about  a geriatric woman showing off her varicose veins in a pair of blue star spangled boy shorts. . . NOTHING!!!

The Panels
Without a doubt my favorite part of the whole convention was getting the chance to see the people who churn out the content to make this whole thing happen. Authors, directors, writers, game designers and celebrities all sat down and gave their opinion about the state of the industry, what they we’re promoting, and a myriad of other topics that quenched our inner geeks. It was fantastic!

I attended as many as I could but due to the long lines I missed a staggering amount of incredible panels. The ones I did attend included Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Kevin Smith, the cast of AVATAR, District 9, Legion and Star Wars Clone Wars. I also listened to the creators of video games such as Halo, Splinter Cell, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, Resident Evil and a shit ton more! As a fellow enthusiast of the movie/blog industry it was enlightening listening to all of these people who all had the same thing in common; a sincere love of what they did and the courage to chase their dreams. Don’t get me wrong many of them had an exceptional talent in their particular craft, but the vast majority we’re regular people who just practiced and perfected their passion. That’s it.

I left every panel with a sense of determination. The panels alone we’re worth the price of admission and long lines. If you ever go to “The Con”, do yourself a favor and listen in on some of the discussions. You’ll leave with a keener sense of focus.

Schwaaaaag (free shit)
They give away so much shit at Comic-Con that people walk around with these huge over-the-shoulder bags that stand around 3 feet tall. ( I am not exaggerating). These bags are everywhere. Little kids, old people, even the handicap are dragging around these huge bags.

Personally I thought they looked really stupid slung over people’s sides like special ed purses; however, around the middle of day one I looked at them completely different. I didn’t get one, but I thought really long and hard about it. Shirts, pens, games, buttons, CD’s, DVD’s, you name it they were given away. By the end of  day 4 I’m sure people had enough schwag to re-sell and start their own business.

If you’re a movie nut like me, this was an added plus to the whole ordeal. The convention center had geek inspired movies, tv shows, and cartoons running all day everyday. This may not sound like much, but something can be said about a movie going experience with people who love the film as much as you do. There’s an energy in the room that makes the participation almost electric. It’s like watching your favorite movie with 500 of your closest friends. Not only that, it gives you a chance to see old movies, and tv shows on the big screen.

Without getting too long winded I honestly say that I absolutely enjoyed the entire event. It wasn’t perfect by any means. There we’re long lines, inflated prices and a shortage of space that really needs to be dealt with. As far as content is concerned it was visual overload. I will certainly be at next years event, this time as a seasoned veteran. Hell I might even dress up and make the transformation into a compete spaz complete.

The convention is not for everyone. I strongly recommend that the die hard fans go. If you’re just a casual dork who slums it with an occasional episode of “Lost” every now and then I guarantee that it will probably not be for you. In order to understand the madness, you have to be a little mad yourself. Believe me, the rabbit hole gets deep on this one.

Fuck you redman Pictures, Images and Photos

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Comic-Con here I come

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What’s up fellow fuckiteers.

I’m just about to head out the door and drive my geektastic ass to Comic-Con in San Diego.  I have to admit that i’m really excited.  It’s gonna be nerdapolooza and I couldn’t be happier.  Movie, comics, games, sci-fi, and fantasy. . . I think I just creamed my pants.

  Well anyways keep in touch with our twitter account and check in from time to time.  We may have a couple of things for my fellow nerdlings to drool over.  See you guys Monday.  Oh yeah Max, don’t fuck up our site man.  I know how you get when you’re alone.

Fuck you redman Pictures, Images and Photos

So Wavy

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Hmmmm… Let’s see where this one goes! Westcoast rapper The Game has taken a serious shot at Jay-Z in his new song “I’m So Wavy”. In addition to Jigga, he touches on video hoe extraordinaire – Amber Rose – and of course takes his typical shot at everyone’s favorite steroid user… I mean… body builder, Curtis “fiddy cent” Jackson.

I have a feeling that Jay will respond, but I don’t see this “beef” going any further than a couple of underground joints and a cartoon. Of course I’ve been wrong before; although, in my own defense I’ve only been wrong once and I only tried it because I wanted to know what being wrong felt like…

So lets see if this leads to Biggie vs Tupac 2… Chances are it won’t, you just don’t risk getting killed with an ass like this waiting for you in your million dollar Manhattan apartment…


Beef with The Game... or Birfday sex with this... Hmmmmmm


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The summer of ’93 stays in my memories. I was around 16 years old and the freedom of having a driver’s license tempted the young man in me into gallivanting the countryside. There was only one problem; I was still a member of “The Boy Scouts of America”. Yeah, I said it. Diggems was a boy scout.

Well, before I could toss away that snazzy “neckerchief” and distance myself from the responibilty of helping senile old women cross the street; my parents made me go on one last camping trip with my – soon to be former – troop.

To some kids the thought of camping is a fascinating one. To a hormone riddled 16 year old such as myself, there could have been no worse torture than hanging out in the woods with a bunch of guys learning how to tie knots. Bottom line, it was a horrible time.

Now, here I am at 32. I’m starting to develop a better appreciation for the little things in life. You know, trees, blue skies, grassy fields and internet porn… the usual. The other day a few friends of mine invited me on a one day excursion into the great outdoors. At first I was hesitant. Flashbacks of my zit covered mug spraying insect repellent on my already cheesy face made me shudder. The real fear didn’t kick in until I sat down and really thought about who I was going with. I would be the only black man with three white guys. Now granted these individuals are very close friends of mine. I have no doubt in my mind that these young men would do everything in their power to ensure my safety, but there a few things that would make most black men pause and re-evaluate their situation. Here’s a list of my immediate concerns:

  • White people love animals including mountain lions, bears, and rattle snakes. Black people pretty much hate anything that moves when concerning the wild.
  • White people love to take the unbeaten path and explore the world around them. Black people aren’t trying to get lost for shit. You’ll never see a news report about a black person lost on a mountain.
  • White people swear that nature loves them. Black people treat Mother Nature like we treat the police. We don’t bother it and hopefully it will leave us the hell alone.

I expressed these concerns to my friends. Their response was, “You worry too much”.

So we’re standing at the parks visitors’ center when one of the park rangers tells us that there is a bear on the loose. He then proceeds to tell us that the park will be closed the next day and the road will be shut down. In other words we would be trapped in the park until late in the afternoon the next day. Did I mention that we would be alone? I looked into my friend’s eyes and I swear on everything I love, this information only made them more excited. I think the only reason they didn’t do a little dance in front of me was out of respect for the sheer look of terrors that plastered my face. Somehow they convinced me that everything was going to be alright and we started our hike into the park.

I know what you’re thinking, “Diggs, did you lose your damn mind?”

And the answer to that is yes! YES I had lost my damn mind. I officially became that black guy who is the first person to die in horror movies.

I have to admit it though, the hike was fun. It was some of the most beautiful, majestic, jaw dropping scenery I’ve seen in a long time. The rest of the evening was just as great. We found a cool camp spot, set up the tent and built a fire. Aside from the occasional fit of paranoia from the random noises that nature makes, nothing bad happened.

The next day we walked to check out one of the park’s waterfalls, packed our stuff and headed back home. The negro foreign exchange program was a glowing success. No negro’s were harmed in the making of this blog and the “cr*cker to n*gga relationship coalition” is at an all time high.

For our next project we plan to explore the inner working of Tijuana and the magical fun of swine flu.


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May the 4th be With You!

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Today is Star Wars Day, and since May 25th, 1977, the official release date of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, what an intergalactic journey it’s been. None can question the absolute juggernaut status that the franchise commands; representing the third most financially successful film franchise in movie history, behind only James Bond and Harry Potter respectively, with over $4.3 Billion dollars in total box office sales.

Like any attempt at epic story telling spanning multiple movies, books or other literary formats, there are bound to be some steaming piles of shit… and George has had more than his fair share, with more being produced weekly (Clone Wars cartoon we’re looking at you…). However, on this day honoring Mr. Lucas’ epic achievements, I’m not going to pile on him about the Star Wars Holiday Special, which admittedly he had no involvement in (I’ve included the entire thing if you want to watch it and have an extremely strong stomach, lots of Pepto Bismol, or simply hate yourself enough to subject yourself to the worlds worst movie spinoff):

Anyway, like I’ve said, on this day we want to honor George Lucas for all of his shining accomplishments, from creating one of the greatest media franchises of all time, spawning an entire generation of weirdos, revolutionizing special effects and movie story telling, and coining one of the coolest phrases ever… May the 4th Be With You!


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Happy 4/20 – A Look Back at Today in History

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Max’s thoughts

Happy 4/20 all! Just thought I’d chime in since today, for many, is a national holiday. As Diggems pointed out, there are some interesting pieces of trivia surrounding this day in history. For example:

April 20th 1534 – Jacques Cartier begins the voyage during which he discovers Canada and Labrador. Now if you’re Canadian – being found – what better excuse to put some “White Widow” into the atmosphere?

April 20th 1792 – France declares war on Austria, this marks the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars. War sucks… change doesn’t. If you’re French, burn one for the revolution. If you’re Austrian, toke something for all of the fallen soldiers!

April 20th 1862 – Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard complete the first pasteurization tests. Diggems indirectly alluded to this one in his post. If it wasn’t for Louis Pasteur, how would we eat Frosted Flakes after an all night “Michael Phelps Session“?

I don’t know about you, but Frosted Flakes without milk just ain’t cutting it… So inhale some good stuff, and then chase it with a bowl of your favorite cold cereal for our friend Louis!

April 20th 1889 – Adolph Hitler was born. Now I’m guessing that if you’re Jewish, it certainly makes today a day to “put one in the air” and temporarily forget all about the 1940’s.

April 20th 2001 – China officially removes homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. If you’re gay, Chinese, Chinese and gay, mentally ill, or just a fan of equal rights… Puff the Magic Dragon for the Chinese government finally getting it’s mind right!

images7And last, but certainly not least! April 20th 2008 – Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race. Every racing fan and non racing fan, every man, woman, and child, smoke some pot for Danica Patrick! The first woman in human history to officially earn the right to be called a good female driver!

LOL! Out!


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Happy 4/20 – It’s For My Glaucoma…

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live_in_russia3It’s for my glaucoma

No major news today from the world of Diggems; however, to all my potheads I have to say “Happy 4-20“. I’ve been celebrating the holiday for quite some time now, but I’ve never really known the history behind this monumental occasion. I tried asking a few of my other colleagues about the celebration, but none of them seemed to remember where or who they were, much less how the day came to be.

So I foraged the web. Turns out there’s nothing really to it. A bunch of kids from San Rafael High School would meet at 4:20 pm every day to smoke out after detention. They picked a park and smoked out next to some structure called the Louis Pasteur statue and talked about their day. That’s it. Nobody was saved, no babies we’re rescued, no aliens revealed themselves. It was just a typical day with typical people doing typical shit.

The term 4-20 now has it’s own smoked out holiday. A pothead will find any reason to smoke, it was just a matter of time before we got our own day.

Get “a-head” on your holidays

I think we should have more regular days celebrated. The net is already buzzing about March 14. In case you didn’t know, it’s National Steak and Blowjob Day.

For this particular day of the year, every guy receives either a steak or a blowjob from their significant other (or some crack whore, whichever suits your fancy). It’s the perfect counter-balance to the bane of mankind known as Valentine’s Day. It is your civic duty as a man to sign the online petition, and tell congress that we won’t stand for another chocolate and flower filled Valentine’s Day without a federally funded Steak and Blowjob Day. If there’s ever been a time to write your congressmen – it’s now.

Well that’s my time for this post, gotta get back to the celebration. Happy 4-20!


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