What is Daily Fits?

Daily F**k Its! Is our daily war on trends, fads and etiquette! If you will, think of it as a social experiment!


Using our “unique” viewpoints, we examine pop culture, the media, entertainment, and whatever else is unfortunate enough to pass by our cross-hairs.

The ultimate goal of Daily Fits is to provide you with a forum to voice your opinion or simply read, along with thousands (and eventually millions!) of other individuals.

 Age, race, and sex do not matter to us. Political orientation, sexual orientation, and geographic orientation are of no consequence! Nothing is off limits.

So join the movement! We consider you to be our greatest asset and we intend to make your thoughts and opinions the central theme of our site! Share them with us, because we are going to share ours with you!

F**k It!

ps. tell a friend about us!


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