So Wavy

Hmmmm… Let’s see where this one goes! Westcoast rapper The Game has taken a serious shot at Jay-Z in his new song “I’m So Wavy”. In addition to Jigga, he touches on video hoe extraordinaire – Amber Rose – and of course takes his typical shot at everyone’s favorite steroid user… I mean… body builder, Curtis “fiddy cent” Jackson.

I have a feeling that Jay will respond, but I don’t see this “beef” going any further than a couple of underground joints and a cartoon. Of course I’ve been wrong before; although, in my own defense I’ve only been wrong once and I only tried it because I wanted to know what being wrong felt like…

So lets see if this leads to Biggie vs Tupac 2… Chances are it won’t, you just don’t risk getting killed with an ass like this waiting for you in your million dollar Manhattan apartment…


Beef with The Game... or Birfday sex with this... Hmmmmmm


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