This Picture Makes Me Think…

It’s time for another “This Picture Makes Me Think…” Midget

1.¬† For once the mullet isn’t the funniest/weirdest thing in a picture

2. These guys either showed up at the right place at the wrong time, or the wrong place at the right time…

3. “Bob those are some really cool shorts… exactly where can I get some of those for my anorexic sister?”

4. I get the feeling that the midget is pointing and saying, “So you’re saying that the ‘Weirdo’s of Rock Tour’ is off of Exit 120?”

5. “No actually I’m only a malnourised, hippie roady on the weekends, during the week I run a Fortune 500 banking institution.”

6. I have a feeling that the sign around the miget’s neck says, “If found please return to Michael Jackson…”

7. Drugs are bad… Mkayyyyyy….

8. All the leather and metal¬†studs in the world won’t make these guys look “tough”

9. “Ohhhh this bulge in the front of my shorts? Yeah… that’s where I keep my marijuana…”

10. I guess opposites really do attract…

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