“Body Magic” aka The Devil’s Tool


I’m sitting here deep in thought at the moment and I’m reminded of something Chris Rock said in one of his stand up comedy performances.

Women lie! You know that hair ain’t yours! That ain’t your natural hair color! You know your tits ain’t really that big!” Chris said in a near hysterical rant.

Well to this list, we can now add… “You know that ain’t your f**kin’ body!”

Wait! What?!? When did it become acceptable to completely mislead every man that you meet?

Ok let’s be fair. The idea of radically altering the shape of ones body isn’t exactly new.

bGranny%20Daisy%20DukesDuring the Victorian era (early 1800’s) women wore extreme shape shifting corsets that drew emphasis to the hips and chest as seen in the picture to the right. Well as they say, history repeats itself and we can now thank the evil tool known simply as “Body Magic” for misleading legions of drunk men!

Listen, I understand that women want to fit into their clothes comfortably and look good at the same time. Daily we are bombarded with images of “beautiful” people on TV and print ads. If you don’t weigh 110 lbs and have buns of steel or brazen skin of the gods, you are just “normal”. People turn on the TV and there are hundreds of commercials for weight loss pills, and remedies, and work out equipment, and on and on… and on!

So guess who comes swooping in to the rescue? You guessed it… Body Magic. No longer do women have to actually bother working out. In just two shakes of a lamb’s tail (actually more like 50 shakes of a horse’s ass) women can completely change their physical appearance. Millions of drunk men in bars, lounges, and clubs around America are learning first hand the evils of the Body Magic.

Well I think it’s time for men to fight back! Women you want a man with chiseled arms like Zeus himself, a perfect six pack ripped straight from the body of Herculese and a barrel-shaped chest the size of a cruise ship? Well here you go! Women say hello to…

Muscle Miracle



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2 Responses to ““Body Magic” aka The Devil’s Tool”

  1. Maybe you should change the webpage subject title “Body Magic” aka The Devil’s Tool Daily F*** its! to something more catching for your blog post you write. I liked the blog post yet.

  2. Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

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