Keyboard Cat FTW!

Sometimes when we try to define exactly what Daily Fits is we are stumped. You see, the basic premise is… Well… there is no premise. Me and Diggems are kinda like that old cartoon “2 Stupid Dogs” except I guess it would be “2 Stupid Dawgs”.

So as usual I was doing my normal internet bullshitting and I stumbled upon this Youtube video, and like much of our material I think it really exemplifies exactly what we, and most of our audience, are… Just a bunch of people that find humor in really silly shit like “bacon” for example…

Check out how the guy tries to warn Glenn Beck that he is about to pass the fuck out! COMEDY!

And if you thought that was funny…

Play ’em off Keyboard Cat!


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One Response to “Keyboard Cat FTW!”

  1. Diggems Says:

    You hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly what Daily Fuck Its is all about.

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