May the 4th be With You!


Today is Star Wars Day, and since May 25th, 1977, the official release date of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, what an intergalactic journey it’s been. None can question the absolute juggernaut status that the franchise commands; representing the third most financially successful film franchise in movie history, behind only James Bond and Harry Potter respectively, with over $4.3 Billion dollars in total box office sales.

Like any attempt at epic story telling spanning multiple movies, books or other literary formats, there are bound to be some steaming piles of shit… and George has had more than his fair share, with more being produced weekly (Clone Wars cartoon we’re looking at you…). However, on this day honoring Mr. Lucas’ epic achievements, I’m not going to pile on him about the Star Wars Holiday Special, which admittedly he had no involvement in (I’ve included the entire thing if you want to watch it and have an extremely strong stomach, lots of Pepto Bismol, or simply hate yourself enough to subject yourself to the worlds worst movie spinoff):

Anyway, like I’ve said, on this day we want to honor George Lucas for all of his shining accomplishments, from creating one of the greatest media franchises of all time, spawning an entire generation of weirdos, revolutionizing special effects and movie story telling, and coining one of the coolest phrases ever… May the 4th Be With You!


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