Is Verizon Set to Bite into (St)eve’s Apple?

We don't need no steenkin' keyboard (credit Gizmodo)

We don't need no steenkin' keyboard (credit Gizmodo)

If rumors are to be believed (and I do), Verizon is currently breaking its neck trying to find way’s to entice Apple to release a mobile device on its network. further stoked the flames today with a story that contends that Apple may indeed release two new mobile devices on the Verizon platform.

One of these devices dubbed “iPhone Lite” would be a thinner, less fully featured version of the iPhone most of us know and love. The second device would be an Apple-ized Netbook. Now of course these are only rumors (and the above picture is concept art), but there are rumblings that Apple is keen on introducing its hardware to other wireless providers, or maybe muscling AT&T into sweetening its exclusivity agreement which is set to expire in 2010.

Personally, I do think that Apple will introduce additional wireless devices into the market within the next two years; however, I think that initally they will be on the AT&T network here in the US. For its part, AT&T realizes the importance of maintaining its exclusivity agreement with Apple, and will probably acquiesce to Apple’s wishes for a sweeter deal.

One must also consider the CDMA network upon which Verizon is built which currently runs counter to Apple’s “one phone for all networks” philosophy. Verizon is; however, hard at work on its next-gen LTE (Long Term Evolution)  4G platform which is set to roll out in 2011, which could logically be the date that Apple finally decides to say bye bye to AT&T’s exclusivity.

Regardless of how this turns out in the short term, the fact is Apple will eventually get its way long term. Much like the Motorola Razr, which was initially sold by Cingular (AT&T) but eventually hit every US network, the iPhone and any subsequent Apple mobile devices will eventually be available to all carriers.

Anyway, all this iPhone talk is well and good, but here’s hoping that the Palm Pre A) doesn’t suck B) quickly becomes available on other platforms as well! The more competition, the better!


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