Taking One For The Team

barbie3I’ve never been a member of a frat. The whole idea of being physically and mentally punished for X amount of months just to become a member of something never struck me as favorable. I don’t have anything against greek life, I just don’t see all the hype about becoming a member. If community service was that big of a deal I could easily find other respectable ways of fulfilling my civic duty.

I ran across an article today that only reinforced my opinion regarding the whole thing. I understand that the shenanigans involved with the initiation process can be troublesome at times but this instance should make any man pause. The fraternity of Sigma Chi at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is currently suspended for hazing. After an enlightening experience with the fraternity, former pledges are coming forward to describe their loyalty. Most of the hazing was silly encounters, cold showers, food being thrown on you, getting cursed out, but one particular right of passage stood out from the rest.

An unidentified pledge reported to the police about being sexually assaulted by a stripper. The young man in question was handcuffed to a wall, blind folded and anally rapped with a vibrator. Witnesses say the young man begged and pleaded for the stripper to stop. It is reported that his future fraternity brothers instigated the whole thing and convinced the stripper to continue. The following day the pledges brothers asked if he was alright, but according to the police report their apologies seemed slightly less than sincere. Charges are still pending.

Now let me get this straight. You want to be loved and respected so bad that you’re willing to let a “woman of the night” cornhole your dumb ass? I guess nothing says loyalty like having your prostate pushed in. What I don’t understand is what kind of guys would want a member of their little circle to be raped right in front of them?  What sick kind of brotherhood are you trying to form here?  How can you respectably say your fraternity’s name out loud with pride in your voice? 

“Come join Sigma Chi, we’ll push your shit in the right direction”.

All the blame can’t go to the frat guys.  Some of these sad bastards with esteem issues need to be scolded as well.  If you need that type of love and admiration on a constant basis then get a dog. That way all the shit you’ll be picking up won’t just be your own.


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