This Picture Makes Me Think…

It’s time for another “This Picture Makes Me Think“… This week, our photograph includes a Grandmother that just doesn’t know when it’s time to hang up the “booty shorts”… Give us your ideas for appropriate captions in the comment section. We will post the best ones next to ours!


1. This is NOT the definition of GMILF!

2. “Hey baby, you lookin’ mighty fine in dem thur shorts of urs!”

3. After approaching the scene of the crime, the “Fashion Police” realized they were in way over their heads and called in the “Fashion SEALS“!

4. Five words that should never appear in the same sentence – Vericose Veins, Cellulite, Booty Shorts…

5. This is what happens when you allow your senile grandmother to dress herself and then wander out of the house unattended…

6. Even this many years after the show had been cancelled, Daisy Duke still had trouble letting go of the past.


 7. Ok, who’s idea was it to buy grandma a copy of Beyonce’s album, “Sasha Fierce“?

8. Booty shorts on grandma = FAIL!

9. I thinkbarbie2 they’re related?  






10. After seeing that picture of grandma, I want someone to call Obama and tell him to ban summertime!


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