The $500,000,000 Vagina


Some things just blow the mind! As many have heard, Mel Gibson’s wife just filed for divorce stating “irreconcilable differences”. That’s no big deal; although, they were married for 28 years which in Hollywood is no small feat.

Here’s where it get sticky. Mel Gibson is worth a reported $1,000,000,000. Yes, that’s one billion dollars!  His wife is asking for half of his assets and child support for their one child, which in a communal property state like California means that she is entitled to a whopping $500,000,000! Making this, potentially, the most expensive Hollywood divorce in history.

Ok, a couple of points. Who knew that showing Jesus Christ being tortured could be so lucrative? I’m sure there are plenty of atheists and religious people alike that are absolutely kicking themselves today for missing that gravy train. Point number two; I sincerely hope she had some amazing pu**y!

I thought we had covered it all when we reported that Helg Sgarbi was the world’s greatest gigolo. Well this absolutely makes Robyn Gibson the world’s greatest “ho“-usewife (wink wink).


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