This Picture Makes Me Think…

This picture of Kanye West at the Paris Fashion Week has already made its laps around the internet, but how can we resist an opportunity to share what “This Picture Makes Me Think…”. Especially with South Park taking a huge swipe at Kanye’s admittedly huge ego. As always, we would love to know what “This Picture Makes You Think”, share in the comment section.


1. Well… there goes all of his street cred…

2. “The Village People 2009”

3. “I… am… a… 12 degee PINK BELT… WAAA TAAAAAAAAAA”

4. “Hey Kanye, wouldn’t it be cool if we dressed up like a bunch of gay dudes… but tried to convince everyone that we’re not gay…”

5. Is it just me, or does the guy on the far right look like he’s only there because Kanye gave him some clothes and a free ticket to Paris…

 6. Is it just me, or is the guy in the leopard print pants there because… Well… because he really is gay…

7. If you act gay, dress gay, hang out with gay dudes… Need I say more?

8. This is certainly one time where the best policy is “don’t ask, don’t tell”

9. “Ramone, you said you would let me wear the leopard-skinned tights and yellow-foam brass knuckles this time!”

10. After finally “coming out of the closet”, most people agreed that they would prefer it if both Kanye and his wardrobe got back in the closet


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Disclaimer: At dailyfits we have nothing against gays. Only gay rappers who pretend to not be gay.


5 Responses to “This Picture Makes Me Think…”

  1. Mike Money Says:

    Well said

  2. We’re not being any harder on Kanye than necessary. We are bound by duty and obligation to draw attention to the inconsistancies of life, and then make fun of them. Kanye is a very talented hip hop artist/producer and an all around entertaining guy; however, this does not excuse him from having a spotlight shined on his actions. In fact, I dare say, being in the limelight actually intensifies the scrutiny.

    So don’t take it so hard. We here at are fans of his music and between us all, probably own all of his albums (even the non-released ones)… well except for that “808 and Heartbreaks” bullshit… but you get the point!


  3. Lady S (VA) Says:

    You guys are being unnecassarily hard on Kanye. He is not gay and has neverf come out and said he was gay. So all of ur comments about him arent true. Your just jealous of him thats why you saythis stuff. If you go to his site he already apologised for being too cocky. I know your trying to be funny but its offensive to some people and childish.

  4. This picture makes me think that gay people everywhere are hanging their heads in shame…

  5. This guy is a fruit cake. I love his music but can do without his attitude

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