This Picture Makes Me Think…

Every once in awhile we will post an “interesting picture” and include what we think are some “appropriate” captions! We invite you to add some of your own captions in the comment section, and we will post the best ones alongside ours in the main post!


1.  John thought he had a surefire winner when I first approached Nike with pictures of the “Just Screw It” advertising campaign!

2. All of a sudden, it became quite clear why Lance Armstrong was rushing back from retirement to re-join the Tour de France!

3. This is what happens when you allow a former sex addict to run the “Olympic Competitive Selection Committee“.

4. Everyone knew it was a bad idea to invite “Forgetful Sally” to the “Thongs Mandatory Bike Marathon”. 

5. What do you get when you mix porn stars and bicycles…

6. In an attempt to boost TV rating for the Tour de France, Pierre came up with this ingenious idea…

7. Someone overheard one of the judges say, “This is one race that has absolutely NO losers…”

8. With a sigh, Paul turned to Josh and said, “Josh I said I wanted you to go out and find a bunch of ‘big city girls to test out our new bikes’… Not big titty girls!”

9. In an attempt to improve rider aerodynamics, engineers at Schwinn came up with this amazing new biker suit. They call it the… “Thong?!?!?

10. Amani said: Socks and shoes aren’t necessary for what we will be doing, but they will need helmets. 


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4 Responses to “This Picture Makes Me Think…”

  1. “Feeling dissatisfied with the look of his new bunnies, Hugh Hefner went out and bought everyone bicycles…”

  2. OMG! You guys are crazy! LOL!

  3. But they will need helmets.

  4. Socks and shoes aren’t necessary for what we will be doing.

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