You May Win Some but You Jus’ Lost One

9780060840822It seems Jay-Z aka Jigga aka Young Hova aka Shaun Carter was right when he wrote the song Lost One on his 2006 album Kingdom Come. This week it became public knowledge that his former partner-in-crime, Dame Dash, was being served with divorce papers by his wife of four years Rachel Roy.

To many it may come as a big surprise that Dash, reportedly worth about 50 million dollars (based upon his math) several years ago, could currently be worth what many consider assed-out broke. His two Tribeca condos are currently under foreclosure, and his Chevrolet Tahoe (what hip hop mogul – aka Baller aka Big Pimp – drives a damn Chevy!) SUV has been repossessed by a Manhattan Judge…

This is certainly an example of living beyond ones means. Now I’m no mathematician but according to records, Dash’s monthly payment on his two condos equaled a whopping $78,504.26 (that’s an annual burn rate of approximately one million dollars for a guy with no job)… Again, that’s just the monthly payment on his two condos!

Look, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that without a steady and solid income, which without Roc-A-Fella and Rocawear Dash certainly didn’t have, Dash’s living expenses were a little high. Add to the mortgage his tax liabilities, two children, a diva wife, a $715 car payment (for a damn Tahoe!), massive legal fees, etc, etc and it becomes obvious why, by November of 2008, Dame Dash was basically broke…

On top of  all of this, Rachel Roy has decided that its time to depart the Dash gravy train! The proverbial insult to injury. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of anyone suffering, but the fact that this is happening to Dame Dash is hard to ignore. So in light of the situation, I’ve decided to ask Jay-Z to describe exactly why all this is pretty f**king ironic:

I heard motherfu**ers saying they made Hov
Made Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov”
Nig*az wasn’t playing they day role
So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo
I should’ve been did it but I been in a daze though
I put friends over business end of the day though
But when friends, business interests as they go
Ain’t nothing left to say though
I guess we forgot what we came fo’
Should’ve stayed in food and beverage
Too much flossing
( <——— no kidding )
Too much Sam Rothstein
I ain’t a bitch but I gotta divorce them
Hov have to get the shallow shit up off him
And I ain’t even want to be famous
Nig*az is brainless to unnecessarily go through these changes
And I ain’t even know how it came to this
Except that fame is
The worst drug known to man
It’s stronger than, heroin
When you could look in the mirror like, “There I am”
And still not see, what you’ve become
I know I’m guilty of it too but, not like them
You lost one


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4 Responses to “You May Win Some but You Jus’ Lost One”

  1. LOL @ Dame Dash!

  2. I heard about this recently, and all I have to say is “Too fucking bad”. Dame Dash is an arrogant, pig headed fool, and I hope that this episode will bring him down to earth some.

    I also wonder how this will affect his relationship with Jay-Z, since many feel that it was Dames fault that the Roc seperated. When will men learn that dating the first pretty chick that comes along is not necessarily in their best interest.

    Sure Rachel Roy is beautiful, but she didn’t have any money when she got with Dame, so clearly she was with him for the money and fame, and not the love. I just hope Dame can pick himself up, dust himself off, and be a more approachable individual (I know this from experience).

  3. MinneapolisChad Says:

    Who is Dame Dash?

  4. This aint pimpin fam! Dame shoulda never got witht hat bitch in the first place. I liked dudes swag but he either had a fucked up accountant or he just was flossin’ too dam hard. I no Jiggaz glad he dropped dude.

    NJ Pimp

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