What’s up doc part 2

I did a post a few days ago concerning my ownership of a medical marijuana card. After a few days of testing out the products I’m finally in my right state of mind. This was by far the best research assignment I’ve ever had. Alright, lets get down to business and explain how the whole process unfolds when buying “legal weed”.

I scour the web looking for a high rated dispensary on my side of town. My results come back with a place called “Nature’s Wonder” – they consider themselves to be “caregivers” – I find that slightly amusing.

The Arrival
I arrive at the place and walk through a gated cage that sits in the front of the building. There’s a security guard sitting at the check-in table behind the iron bars. He asks if I’m a first time customer, then hands me a few papers to fill out. After I’ve completed everything, I turn in my “school work” and he calls my “doctor” to make sure my prescription is authentic. Everything checks out and he unlocks the steel cage.

On the other side of the bars sits a lounge. There are photos of musicians and actors. The coffee table in the middle of the room has all the latest weed publications. On the sofa across from me sits a black lesbian couple in their mid 40’s. We’re all waiting for the “patient” ahead of us to close out their purchase in the display room. I sit on the sofa all bright eyed and bushy tailed, like a little kid walking into his first candy store. The couple ask me if I’m a new member. I asked them if it is that obvious? They smile and give me the lowdown on some of the best strands of weed. A few minutes later they’re called into the room.

While I wait, I thumb through the magazines learning how to grow a closet greenhouse. An article or two later I’m called into the main room. My reaction was sort of like this.

Once Inside
There is weed everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Behind the clerk is a sign showing their weed “menu”. There were over 30 types. My jaw literally drops. They also sold edibles. Weed brownies, cakes, pies, cookies, candys, you name it. I tell the clerk it is my first time. He smiles with the same grin that I gave my prom date just before her deflowering.

This guy is like a weed encyclopedia. I learned where every indica and sativa comes from, who raised it, what soil it grows in and every effect it cures and causes. He happily informs me which weed cures my “anxiety” problems.

The Prescription
Based upon his recommendation I pick out some Banana O.G. Kush, Blue Dream and a brownie. He puts the bud in prescription bottles, fills out my form and sends me on my merry way. I even had one of those little white bags with the prescriptions listed on the front. It was shockingly professional. I leave the store feeling like I’d just left Walgreens. God I love California.


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2 Responses to “What’s up doc part 2”

  1. The prices ranged from $20-$25 gram. $55-$70 for an eighth. The brownie was $10.

  2. I just want to know how much that “medicine” cost you.

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