You’re Stupid and They Know it!

Your significant other thinks that you are is a dumb ass! That’s right… you heard it here first folks, and you probably feel the exact same way about them. Yep, the person that you love the most, the person that says they care about you above all else thinks that you are a complete f**king moron! This is not a guess, a supposition, or a belief, it is a pure unquestionable fact! Now far be it from me to simply make a bold statement like this without providing evidence to support my claim, so let’s explore why I am without a doubt correct.

First of all let us look at why you think that they are a complete f**king moron. Have you ever promised to give your all to someone? Have you promised to always tell that special someone the truth? Then, have you turned right around and told them a bold faced lie, “cheated” on them, or employed the most elementary methods available to hide the simple truth from them?

Do you know why you did it? Because deep down inside you were positive that you were smarter than they were. In fact you were positive that you were dealing with a complete dumb ass! In your mind all you needed to do was employ a few basic tactics – some sleight of hand if you will – in order to cover up your indiscretion and you were sure that your spouse would never uncover your dishonest acts.

Ok, let’s look at it from the other side. Have you ever been cheated on? I can admit that I have. It was a sick feeling that ate at my insides.

At the time I remember asking myself, “How could you have been this stupid?”

Obviously the woman that cheated on me told herself, “There is no way he will ever find out, because I can outsmart him.”

Looking back, the part that hurt the most was the feeling of betrayal coupled with the feeling of being played for a fool. Why did being played for a fool hurt so badly? Because I know I’m nobody’s fool. Yet this girl was so sure that I was as fool that she risked our entire relationship (for what it was worth) to prove me wrong.

It’s ok don’t cry for me! Guess what, I’ve been the “player” too. I’ve dealt with women – some I loved, some I didn’t – and played the same exact game!

It’s like an emotional game of cat and mouse, where the mouse is constantly outsmarting the cat. Yet, at what point does the mouse simply stop, look that cat in the eyes and say, “Dude, I’m only doing this because I’m convinced that I can get away with it. You’ve shown me nothing on an intelligence level that would lead me to believe otherwise!”

There is; however, another less sinister reason why your significant other thinks that you’re a moron. This reason is simply that the person who knows you the best is able to constantly watch you make “dumb” ass mistakes. The person that is closest to you is able to watch you constantly f**k up, argue incorrectly and continuously goof-up, and over time all of your f**k ups become one huge tapestry of absolute tom-foolery.

Seriously, I have dealt with some women that were very smart, one in particular was a borderline genius, yet in certain areas of her life she was an absolute dunce! And because on a day-to-day basis I dealt with the dunce more than the genius, it was hard not to judge her mentality purely on this basis…

Don’t get me wrong, the man or woman that you’re with knows that you’re a smart person “in general”, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have chosen/accepted you (unless they were stupid and looked for someone with whom to match wits), but on a deeply personal and selfish level they also think that you’re a complete f**king moron! However, they will never admit this, so please don’t be stupid and ask…


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