She’s a “GMILF”…

dellaToday, I saw something that made me stop for a second. Now I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this one ’cause it’s really simple. I was at the bank – holding it up… just kidding. Anyway, I was at the bank and the lady behind the teller window was a “GMILF”. Yea I said it, she was a “GMILF“; as in, a “GrandMother I (would) Like (to) F**k”… I’m so sincere!

You see, at first, while she was sitting in the teller’s chair handling my transaction, I paid her almost zero attention. In the face, she certainly looked like she was upwards of 50 years old, not unattractive… just visibly “older”. THEN grandma got up!

My first thought was, “Oh SH*T!”

I bullsh*t you not, her body was sm-m-m-m-mokin’! She had a sexy, tight little waist, a pair of well proportioned breasts (which I had noticed while she was sitting down), and a very shapely gluteus maximus – bottom – hindquarter – rump – dairy aire – BOOTY!

Now please believe me, I don’t make a habit of checking out old ladies, but seriously, the contrast between her face and her body was mind boggling. What made the contrast even starker were the clothes she was wearing. They were very figure flattering. In no way were her clothes unacceptable, but this is certainly a woman who knows that her body is a “package”, because she had it wrapped quite nicely.

Thinking retrospectively, I’m hoping the people at the bank don’t take the video tapes from the security cameras back home to one of the teller’s apartments, sit around drinking beers, and laugh at the bank customers, because if they do… I’m going to have to boycott that particular institution! Because when grandmamma got up and turned around, my jaw literally dropped!

From below the neck, she was a completely different person from the lady I saw from the neck up! In fact, it may be possible that she has that Benjamin Button thing going on…


<—–She was born looking like this


But is slowly becoming this——>





I don’t know… but I do know this… grandma was FINE! From now on, she will officially be known as a “GMILF“!


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4 Responses to “She’s a “GMILF”…”

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  4. viktoryian Says:

    hehe! 🙂 Lucky grandma!

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