Pocket Yoga – Funny Name, Sexy B*tch!

Today, as usual, I was doing my daily interweb browsing when I stumbled on this piece of sexy geek gadgetry on CNET.com.
This is the Lenovo Pocket Yoga. It is a “prototype” netbook/ultramini laptop made by the Chinese PC maker. They have not yet released any specs or useful information regarding the device, other than some interesting concept pictures.

Many think that, if released, this device will go head to head with the Sony P Series of Netbook/Ultraminis. Seen Here:


Oops… Wait, what have we here? It appears that Lenovo really is going after Sony’s market. Could the similarity in the concept shots be a simple Lenovo Photoshop job made to pay homage to Sony’s awesomeness? Or is the Pocket Yoga really just a piece of phantomware created to make us tech fans drool?

I’m going to keep an eye on this one. Honestly, I really hope Lenovo does release the Pocket Yoga, because it looks like the computer equivalent of Roselyn Sanchez.


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