Guns Don’t Kill People, Bullets Kill People

she-hulkv3-006pic12Ok, with the recent rash of seemingly unprovoked shootings; in the form of murderous rampages (10 killed),  church killing sprees (1 killed) and teenage postal fits (15 killed); not to mention the tragic incident that recently occurred at VA Tech (30 killed). I’m curious, where exactly is the national debate on gun ownership? It would seem to me that, unless I’m missing something, the argument against the 2nd Amendment (in its current form) is pretty clear.

You see, I understand why the founding fathers felt it was necessary to have, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This reasoning made perfect sense when we only had a nation of separate states and no real national military. Every man, woman, and child capable of bearing arms was bound to protect their country; however, the last time I checked 1) we are no longer in danger of having our nation’s soil invaded by the British 2) we now have a very well equipped military 3) people are f**king stupid.

Michael McLendon, Terry J. Sedlacek, and Tim Kretschmer make great arguments against allowing deadly weapons into the hands of anyone with enough credentials to gain a license to pack! Opponents of gun control love to point out that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.

They say things like, “A mentally unstable individual will still commit violent crimes whether they have a gun or not.”

Ok, I can work with this argument; however, I find it very hard to believe that 30 innocent people would have died in Seung-Hui Cho’s VA Tech rampage had he been armed with only a 1) bow and arrow 2) Rambo Knife or 3) Taser.

 Let’s look at it this way. If, instead of being poultry, chicken was a deadly weapon that was sold in every city and town in the United States, would anyone be surprised if there was a sudden surge in the number of homicides, murderous rampages, and violent crimes involving greasy drum sticks, Buffalo wings, or chicken fingers?

Experts believe, and statistics show, that countries with fewer guns per capita also experience less violent crime per capita. How long can we continue to ignore the facts? How many more innocent people need to lose their life senselessly before groups like the NRA willingly give up their fight for monthly dues and admit that we need a serious debate on gun control in this, and every country around the world!

Below is a list of countries by number of guns divided by number of residents (this is a partial list).

The numbers are based on the figures provided by the Small Arms Survey 2007, unless other sources are provided, and are an estimation based on dividing the total amount of guns in a nation by the total population of that nation. As many people possess multiple weapons and many others possess none, this number is not a representation of the percentage of people who possess guns in each nation. (Source Wikipedia)

Country Guns per
100 residents  ↓
Year Comment
 United States 90.0 2007  
 Yemen 61.0 2007  
 Switzerland 46.0 2007  
 Iraq 39.0 2007  
 Serbia 37.5 2007  
 France 32.0 2007  
 Finland[5] 32.0 2008  
 Canada 31.5 2007  
 Sweden 31.5 2007  
 Austria 31.0 2007  
 Germany 30.0 2007


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