Diggems and Serena sitting in a tree . . .

I’ve been MIA for the past week due to an increase in work. In this troubled economy that is a good problem to have. I finally got a break this weekend so I (video)gamed with Max for a little, kissed my girl, and just hung out and exhaled. A few things have popped up in the news that I hate I missed. Fortunately Max had everybody up to speed putting things in perspective in his usual manor. There’s not too much for me to chime in on today, but be forewarned that some great new content is coming soon.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I had a chance to work with Serena Williams about a week ago. She seems like a nice woman. I didn’t really talk to her much. Before I met her I was a huge fan of her body. Hips, thighs, and that beautiful booty, mmmmm, mmmmmm good. . . Yeah, well that was until I met her.

Wikipedia has her listed at 5’9 and 150 pounds. Let me assure you; that is a bold faced lie. I’m six feet even, and this girl was every bit as tall as me. Oh, and that crap about 150 pounds. Yeah right, and I have an 11 inch cock… 

Seriously though, I weigh just a hair under 200 pounds, and Serena beats me in every possible way when it comes to muscle mass. I’m not saying she’s ugly, she’s just not normal. If any of our readers get the opportunity to meet this woman, you will quickly understand why she destroys the competition and consistently stays in the top ten of the women’s tennis world year after year. She is an ATHLETE by every stretch of the word.

It’s a good thing Chris Brown wasn’t dating her instead of Rhianna. I’m sure the police photo would have looked a lot different. The coroner would have had a hard time removing Serena’s size 10 Nikes out of Chris’s colon. With that being said; however, much respect to Ms. Williams. I hope I have chosen my words wisely. I would hate to be forced to defend myself in a dark alley with her blocking my only way out. That’s one man I wouldn’t want to fight…


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