Stand By Ur Man

42-16212052Well, after all the drama, it appears that Mr. Breezy aka Chris Brown, and Rhi-Rhi aka Rhianna are back together again. I can’t say that I’m surprised by this; in fact I’m surprisingly apathetic.

What is interesting to me; however, is how this will affect their respective careers. It seems, that by confirming her love for Chris, Rhianna may actually have salvaged what looked to be a “dead career walking” (Chris’ career that is).

I still truly believe that there was more to this story than Chris simply going postal on the way to the Grammy’s; and by taking him back, it appears that Rhianna’s actions confirm my suspicions.

If you were a Chris Brown fan before this entire episode exploded, did what occurred fundamentally change your feelings towards him? Will you still support him? Do you think that either will be able to achieve the same levels of success (or greater) that they had prior to the incident?

Remember what they say, “there is no such thing as bad publicity!” Let us know your thoughts.


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