Diggems’ Quik F’its!

I’m really starting to get sick of the “octuplets mom”.  Only in America can you become famous for being a test tube’s whore.  Now her eight new welfare candidates run the risk of being orphaned due to the recent increase in death threats she’s received.  I guess the Wayans family wants its title back.  My advice is to ship the whole family over to Singapore.  I’m sure Nike has plenty of room for the little crumb snatchers making shoelace tips at 35 cents a day.

rihanna2Rihanna’s police photos hit the web today.  Oooops did I say hit.  My bad.  They’re not as horrible as the media would have you believe.  Between Chris Brown’s comical apology, and these over hyped photo’s, I’m officially done with the whole thing.  It’s not a major loss I suppose.  Chris would never have been as good as Michael anyways.

michael-jacksonSpeaking of Michael.  Mr. Jackson put Neverland up for sale.  Over 200 of Mike’s personal belongings hit the auction block.  His famous crystal encrusted white glove is expected to sell for over $10,000.  It’ll actually cost you $15,000 if you want to keep the scent of little boy’s booty holes on the index finger…

Well, that’s it for this week.  Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word.  The growth of this site has left us all extremely grateful.  You keep reading em and we’ll keep writing em.



One Response to “Diggems’ Quik F’its!”

  1. Michelle1247 Says:

    You are the funniest man alive!

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