We Know They’re Called Boyshorts, But…

What is it about women (specifically girlfriends) that make them ask us (men) for crazy things? Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just me, or every guy can attest to the following, but I’m using this forum to finally put my foot down! Just what is this request I’m referring to?

“Honey, put on a pair of my boyshorts”

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve dated one woman yet that hasn’t tried to pimp me into popping on a pair of her Vicky’s Secrets. Now I know it’s a cute little “woman thing”; something that women ask for, and then giggle wildly as we to strut around looking like extras from Brokeback Mountain; but I’m sorry I can’t do it, and until I meet someone that makes me forget the call of the wild… I won’t do it!

Ladies, do you really think we want to be seen (even in private) looking like
<———- this guy? Call me cynical, but after a bad breakup I can almost vision my head being plastered over his body, and that picture being plastered all over the internet… And that alone is enough to keep any alcohol induced, estrogen fueled lapses in judgment from corroding my common sense!

In the end though, I guess a request like this is just one of the infinite tiny differences between men and women. Because I’ve never desired to see a woman of mine strut around in a pair of my yard work boots. I never said to any of my previous girlfriends, “Honey, grab my tool belt from the garage, put it on, and wiggle that little ‘money maker’ for daddy!”

Nope, I’m old school. When I’m feeling a little frisky and I want to play cute little games with a woman, she dresses up like Tina, I dress up like Ike, and together we make some kick ass McLovin’… That, ladies, is how you engage your partner in fun and cute activities!



4 Responses to “We Know They’re Called Boyshorts, But…”

  1. Lisa, have you ever wanted to see your significant other in a pair of your underwear? Maybe I need to take a survey, I’m actually curious as to how many women get their kicks off of this type of thing…


  2. Geezz Max, are you not secure with yourslef?
    I think she asked you that just to see how open minded you are. She could care less, it was just to have a laugh. Well I think! I don’t know this girl. Some girls just have weid sexual desires. Maybe she is one of them. HAAAAAHAAAA

  3. I agree boyshorts are, and should be, here to stay… but only on WOMEN. I’ve had numerous women ask me to model in their boyshorts. I don’t know if other guys have experienced this, or its just me… but whatever the fact is, I ain’t doing it!

    Max 🙂

  4. You are crazy, boy shorts are hot and are here to stay. Maybe you need to pick up a picture of a victoria secret model in one. Not some crazy guy off the streets. those are called “booty short”

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