Max’s Quik F’its!

Well hasn’t this been an interesting week… It was the old school rap group Whodini that said the “Freaks Come Out at Night“, but this year apparently the Freaks also decided to come out during Grammy Week…

First… Whose idea was it to pair Stevie Wonder with…

These Guys!
For once, I’m actually glad that Stevie Wonder is blind… Because being forced to watch a recording of this sh*tty performance would most certainly have lead to him tearing his own eyes out!

I mean seriously! The Jonas Brothers claim to be virgins, proudly waving their “Purity Rings” around in public for all to see. NEWSFLASH guys, of course you’re virgins… Everyone knows Barbie Dolls do not have real vaginas, and since Barbie is the closest you plastic Ken doll look-alikes will come to actually screwing a woman, for now you are all safe from catching a serious case of Mattel Herpes. Which leads me to…

Everyone’s Favorite Woman Beater

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… If your girlfriend is getting on your nerves, it’s probably not a good idea to go in the living room and watch reruns of “What’s love got to Do With it” in order to cool off!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumors surrounding this unfortunate incident. Reports of young Chris Breezy biting Rihanna, stories claiming that Rihanna gave Mr. Brown herpes, et cetera, et cetera…

What we do know is that, like poor Mr. Phelps, Mr. Brown is currently the victim of a media assassination. Radio stations, sponsors, even fellow artists are treating the guy like a three week old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Rapper T.I. was forced to retract statements he made earlier in the week when MTV first reported that he initially said, “I told him, ‘This too shall pass.’ We’re celebrities, we’re entertainers, but we’re still human — all of us, don’t expect us not to make mistakes, because we will.”

T.I. apparently then had a change of heart, because he later came back and said… “After careful consideration, I realized I made the mistake of commenting before understanding the situation. I myself am no stranger to media scrutiny. My only intention was to support both Rihanna and Chris during these times. My heart goes out to both of them.

Now let’s put this in perspective… You know you’re in some real sh*t when T.I., a guy who has been convicted of purchasing enough guns and ammo to fund a small army, decides you (Chris Brown) are just a little too controversial, even for his taste…

Isn’t that a little like a death row inmate telling a chick that he doesn’t want to have sex right now, because he is saving himself for the “right” woman… That’s when you know you’re sh*t is looking ugly!

Really Quik
This Rick Ross/50 Cent drama is taking a turn for the absurd. Tupac and Biggie are probably turning over in their graves at the thought of grown men using cartoons (50 goes after Rick and then Rick comes back at 50) as a way of taking shots at one another…

Really Really Quik
Who do you think will “change” first, Washington or Obama? So far I’ve still got my money on Washington causing Obama to “lose hope“; there is simply too much partisanship for anything important to get done in that town!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it from me and Diggems for this week… We hope you enjoyed the content! If you haven’t already, head over to Sex.Money.Politics and check out more great content from our sister site!



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