Diggems’ Quik F’its!

Well the week is over, and it’s been an interesting one. Let’s look at some events that occured this week in history…

Happy Birthday!
Abraham Lincoln (200 yr), NAACP (100 yr), and Charles Darwin (200 yr) . You may not have noticed, but they all hit their various century marks, and all on the exact same day. It’s interesting how these three tie together.

One discovered that black people don’t make very good slaves (too needy with all that freedom stuff), the other insured the advancement of those same black people, and the final one helped modern day scientist understand that we all came from black people.

For All of You Love Birds Awaiting the Day of Love
Diggems cute facts about Valentines Day:
1. As early as fourth century BC, Romans celebrated the holiday by creating a box and putting the names of teenage girls in it. The adolescent males then drew from the box and selected their soon to be companions. The chosen girl was then forced to give up the “juice box” for the remainder of the year; after which another lottery was conducted, and a new girl was selected. This tradition went on for 800 years.

2. The real St. Valentine was actually condemned to die for attempting to convert the pagan king. While in prison for his crime, Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On his execution day, Valentine wrote the young lady his final note. It simply said “From your Valentine”. He was then slowly buried up to his neck in dirt, properly stoned, and promptly beheaded. I bet Hallmark ain’t got a card for that sh*t.



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