Who wears the pants?

First of all, let me start this off by saying that I am appalled at the idea of a man putting his hands on a woman. I am not a fan of domestic abuse under most circumstances. This blog post is by no means a platform for advocating such actions. HOWEVER, with all of this Chris Brown/Rihanna drama I felt the need to change things up a bit. Here are my top 3 men that got owned by their significant other…

Victim Number 1:
Nick Harper – NFL star cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts

Nick Harper found out who the real coach of his relationship was in 2006. Rumor has it that Nick was in yet another argument with his wife when she decided to officially level the playing field and stab his fast ass in the knee with a knife.

I’ve gotta give ol’ girl some credit for first immobilizing the Colt’s superstar before wearing his ass out with a proper ass whoopin’. He probably still wears his helmet to bed.

Victim Number 2:
Al Green – R&B sensation and ordained pastor

At the height of Green’s popularity, his former girlfriend Mrs. Mary Woodson broke into his Memphis Tennessee home on the evening of October 18, 1974, and poured boiling grits on the singer as he was bathing. Woodson inflicted second-degree burns on Green’s back, stomach and arm. Green interpreted the violent incident as a sign from God that he should “enter the ministry”.

Now, I’m not saying he should’ve hit the chick back, but damn he could have at least shaken the hell out of her. Hot grits! DAMN! That’s just wrong.

Victim Number 3:
Lionel Richie – R&B sensation and former member of The Commordores

Richie married his college sweetheart Brenda Harvey on October 18, 1975. In 1986, while still married to Harvey, Richie began a relationship with Diane Alexander. In 1988, while Harvey and Richie were separated, Harvey allegedly discovered Richie and Alexander together in a Beverly Hills apartment. A confrontation ensued, and Brenda was arrested for spousal abuse, trespassing and vandalism.
The word on the block is that Richie’s old lady wore his ass out! It’s also rumored that at the time Richie’s neighbors thought it was a woman being beaten because of the feminine-like screaming coming from the apartment.

Unfortunately for Lionel, he was the one who was getting b*tched that day. Not a good look man, not a good look!



2 Responses to “Who wears the pants?”

  1. I’ve heard rumors on TMZ.com that both of Rhianna’s eyes we closed shut, her lip was split, nose busted, and she has huge bruises on her face. Not to mention the bite marks are her arms and fingers. Now you have to be fighting like animal in order to get bite marks on your hands and fingers. I’ve never heard of a grown ass man biting a woman. That’s some lame sh*t. You are right about nobody being there to see what happened, but I just can’t justify a man biting a woman.

  2. I feel like there is no excuse for a man to hit a woman…unless she puts her self in a mans place. At that point its up in the air. No one will know what happend between Chris and ReRe but I am sure it come out in the wash.

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