This Picture Makes Me Think…


1. Feeling inspired by the Chris Brown/Rihanna beef, Bobo decided he, too, was tired of being treated like a f**king monkey…

2. As Mr. Chan knelt down, he thought he overheard someone in the crowd saying, “I’ve heard of people ‘spanking their monkey’, but I’ve never seen someone get ‘spanked by their monkey‘”.

3. … While reading his horoscope over a cup of coffee, Mr. Chan laughed out loud at the part that read, “Today you will get your ass kicked by a monkey…

4. “I’m sorry… did I just hear you say you aren’t going to pay me?!?”

5. As he readied the stick with tears of revenge in his eyes, Bobo thought back to all the times Mr. Chan had said, “This is going to hurt me way more than you!”

6. At last! After years of careful planning, and with Mr. Chan distracted, Bobo raised the stick knowing the time had finally arrived to claim his freedom.

7. After being told that he was going to be laid off in a week, Bobo decided to take matters into his own paws.

8. In a blind rage Bobo grabbed a stick and yelled, “WHO THE F**K ARE YOU CALLING A BUNCH OF STUPID F**KIN’ MONKEYS?!? DAMMIT!!!”

Every once in a while, we’ll post an interesting picture and what we think are some appropriate captions… Give us your best captions for the picture, and we’ll post the funniest ones alongside ours!



4 Responses to “This Picture Makes Me Think…”

  1. Bobo says “That baby longs to me!!”


  2. Yeah, there is something inherently funny about a little monkey wielding a big ass stick…

    We have much more content on the way so as always… stay tuned!


  3. This was Hilarious!

  4. HAHAHA! Classic. Don’t let California take your sense of humor.

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