First Chris Brown now DJ Khaled?


Chris Brown's greatest hits

Chris Brown's greatest hits

Grand Theft KhaledIt’s around 12:16 (PST) Tuesday morning and I’m watching a “low speed” car chase with a man who was thought to be Chris Brown. Now it’s turning out it is DJ Khaled.  The funny thing is, whoever the poor guy is, he’s also wanted for assault with a deadly weapon towards his girlfriend.  Now if that ain’t proof that life has a strange sense of humor, I don’t know what is.
DJ Khaled white Bentley

*update*  It looks like the guy may have killed himself.

*update, update* It may not be DJ Khaled after all. At the moment LA police aren’t releasing any details regarding the man’s identity. All we do know is that he bares a striking resemblance to DJ Khaled and is of Pakistani origin, which incidentally so is Khaled…

We’ll keep you posted on this as more details arrive…

Ok, he’s not dead… We’re moving on…


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